Thomas Riggs, Jr. (1832-1885)

Born: 9 March 1832 Marion County Alabama

Married: 1855 Hannah Felton in Texas

Died: 1885 Kimble County Texas

The Riggs family was very blessed with sons, for on 9 March 1832, a fifth son, Thomas Jr., was born in Marion County Alabama.  The traditional naming patterns would have the 5th son named after his father.  Thomas and Brannick appear not to have middle names.

Sometime in the 1850’s Thomas moved to Texas with his brother John C. Riggs.  He was at their home when the Indians attacked John and Jane and went for help, thus avoiding being killed himself.

Thomas married Hannah Felton sometime in 1855 in Texas. Their children were Brannick Riggs b. 1854, Barney Kemp b. 1856 “Yuma Barney”, Richard b. 1857, Rhoda b. 1860, Thomas b. 1862, Martha b. 1864, Jones b. 1868, Mary b. 1871 and Monroe b. 1874.

His son Barney Kemp Riggs became famous among characters of the old west when he shot his step-cousin Richmond Lee Hudson and was sent to Yuma prison with a life sentence. He saved the Warden’s life and was given a pardon. Because there are so many Riggs men with the name Barney Kemp and it is difficult to keep them identified, Barney Kemp Riggs, son of Thomas and Hanna, has become known in the family as “Yuma Barney”.  Thomas and Hanna’s daughter Mary married Tom Baker and they lived on a ranch near Bonita, AZ, north of Willcox.  His son Richard lived south of Tucson, AZ.

Thomas died in 1885 and is buried in the Junction Cemetery in Kimble County Texas.