DNA study

In mid 1990’s to 2000, Wilmer Lyons and Bet Riggs became aware of a DNA study that is available to help prove linage.  The study required a DNA sample from a direct line male descendant of Thomas Riggs. The DNA through the male line can be traced with accuracy 5-7 generations back while the female or Autosomal DNA can change in just 3 generations.  The DNA study was done through Ancestry.com

The samples were supplied by:

John Eldred Riggs, whose lineage is  (William Eldred Riggs, William Carrell Riggs, John C. Riggs, Thomas Riggs)


Brannick Barton Riggs, whose lineage is (Brannick Lester Riggs, Thomas Riggs, Brannick Benjamin Riggs, Brannick Riggs, Thomas Riggs).

There has been speculation that our Thomas Riggs may have come through an Edward Riggs that came into Massachusetts and then into Maryland.  This DNA study did not show any connection to that Edward Riggs.  There was no connection to any other Riggs Families participating in that study. The results were put into a category of their own, called the Brannickian Riggs, for future reference.

Our family has been looking for the ancestors of Thomas Riggs for eighty years. We think we have exhausted the traditional forms of research. We decided to put this information out on the internet. We are looking for people that may have information to help us find the parentage of our Thomas Riggs.  If you would like to contact us please email us at the address at the bottom of the screen.

Thank you

Riggs Family

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