Charles Riggs 1845-?

Born: 1845 White River Izard County Arkansas




The last child of Thomas and Rhoda was the seventh son, Charles Riggs.  He was born in 1845, also in White River, Izard, Arkansas.In his book, “Our El Dorado”, Uncle John Riggs says that Charles died during or just after the Civil War.  I have not been able to find any additional information on him.

He is in the family in the 1850 Census, age 5, and in the 1860 Census, age 14.  He was 16 when the war started.

There has been some confusion with this son of Thomas and Rhoda’s and their grandson, Charles Riggs, son of William Carroll Riggs.  There is only about 2 year’s difference in their age.  Charles, son of Thomas, was born in 1845 and Charles, son of William Carroll, was born in 1846.  The 1850 Census of Izard County, Arkansas, has a Charles in the family of Thomas Riggs, age 5, born in Arkansas.  The same Census has a Charles in the family of William Carroll Riggs, age 3, born in Arkansas.  The 1860 Census has both Charles’ age 14, one living with Thomas in Izard County, Arkansas and one living with William Carroll in White, County Arkansas.

Civil Ward records are becoming more readily available.  With research it may be possible to find more information about Charles the son of Thomas and Rhoda.