William Carroll Riggs (1823-1872)

Born: 30 October 1823

Married: 20 November 1845 married Naomi Harriett Flannery in Izard County Arkansas

Died:  22 Jan 1872 in Williamson County Texas


          On 30 October 1823 a son was born to Thomas and Rhoda Riggs.  He was named William Carroll Riggs.  If the traditional naming pattern of families in the south in that era was followed, Thomas’ father was named either William or Carroll, for the first born son was usually named after his father’s father.  Again, was William Carroll born in Marion County or in Pickens County Alabama?  Being her first child, Rhoda may have gone to stay with family who were living in Marion County for the birth of her child.

Most of the records I have say he was born in Marion County Alabama.  Because I have no documentation as to his place of birth, I am speculating that he was possibly born in Pickens County Alabama instead of Marion County Alabama.  William, age 7 years, in 1830 would fit in the family of the Thomas Riggs we find as head of household in the 1830 Pickens County Census.  In 1828 his father, Thomas Riggs, served as a Justice of the Peace in Pickens County.  More research needs to be done to prove that this is more than just a speculation.  In the 1840 Census, we find that William C. at age 17, would fit in the family of the Thomas Riggs head of household found living in Izard County Arkansas.

On 20 November 1845, William Carroll Riggs married Naomi Harriett Flannery in Izard County Arkansas.  I am not sure where I got this marriage date.  I found an Isaac Flannery and family living in Sylamore, Izard, Arkansas in the 1850 Census that I speculate is the father of Naomi Harriett Flannery.

By the 1850 Census William C., age 27, is married and living in his own home in Sylamore, Izard, Arkansas.

In the 1860 Census he is living in White County Arkansas.

William C. and Naomi’s children are Charles Riggs b. 1846, Isaac b. 1849, Thomas b. 1851 d. 1862, John Wesley b. 1853, Mary Frances b. 1855, Rhoda Jane b. 1856, William Aaron b. 1859 d. 1886, James Monroe b. 1861 d. 1867, Martha Elizabeth b. 1864, Eliza Lou b. 1866, Norma Harriet b. 1869, and Edwin b. 1872.

William C. Riggs died 22 Jan 1872 in Williamson County Texas, He is buried in the Land Cemetery, Cornhill (Jarrell), Williamson, Texas.